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Our mission...

Our mission is to provide our clients the highest level of professional service making your Settlement experience as smooth and seamless as possible. First Escrow One L.L.C is built on a foundation of hardworking and responsive professionals with over 15 years of experience and has been progressing successfully ever since around the country and México. We function as a neutral party for all types of escrow transactions. Our associates, who are the primary assets to our company, bring passion and selfless customer-centric attitude into every interaction they are involved in, as well bilingual proficient in English and Spanish to further meet our client´s need, aspiring to create meaningful relationships with our clients that last a lifetime by committing only to the highest levels of service.

Our vision is to be the leading real estate settlement provider and closing company in the entire country by serving our customers professionally and efficiently. Your settlement will be handled carefully and flawlessly by our knowledgeable and experienced settlement after closing, let First Escrow One L.L.C handle the small details that will make a significant difference in your settlement experience and title insurance needs. We are now proud to be celebrating 15 years in business!

Independent Advantage

You can feel more secure with an independent escrow company. Unlike banks, title companies and brokerages, an independent firm must comply with stricter operational and CPA auditing, bonding requirements, financial liquidity requirements, and trust fund insurance guidelines.

All of First Escrow One L.L.C. staff has been approved through the Department of Justice. Additionally, with less bureaucracy, our independent escrow company more easily achieves greater efficiency and productivity.

Experience & Knowledge

Our experienced staff provides the knowledge necessary to effectively guide you through your escrow. Additionally, our Senior Escrow Officers utilize their combined knowledge and technical expertise to constantly mentor other members of our staff.

First Escrow One L.L.C. aims to anticipate challenges, meet deadlines, and troubleshoot problems to facilitate the escrow process. Our Escrow Officers are determined and dedicated to providing superior customer service in producing the results you desire. To augment our experience and knowledge, we continuously study and research our markets to help our clientele meet their business objectives and exceed their goals.

We act as a neutral third party for all types of real estate transactions and always follow and maintain ethical standards. We approach each escrow transaction with a team effort to secure a quick and efficient close. We break down the escrow process to make it less strenuous and stressful, and we work tirelessly to ensure an exceptional escrow experience.

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